COVID Increasing In The Rural Midwest

Alabama.     Why was the state listed as the worst place to work during the pandemic?

Alaska     The state has a higher percentage of children with confirmed cases.

Arizona      The FDA approves a University of Arizona antibody test, which is one of the most accurate in the country.

Arkansas, The University of Arkansas, set aside dorm rooms to isolate and quarantine COVID students.  The campus confirmed six cases on Aug 31.

California     As the number of new infections falls to levels not seen since June, the state announces a new tracking system set to begin in October.

Colorado     Local outbreaks noted among a fire station, restaurants, a bank, and schools.

Connecticut       The Governor extends emergency orders through February 2021 as the number of new infections and hospitalizations increase.

Delaware     The state’s positive rate and hospitalizations are the highest since July.

Florida    The governor promotes less testing.

Georgia     Epidemiologist calls for an end to in-class instruction at the University of Georgia as the campus logs 821 new cases in the second week, up from 189 the week prior.

Hawaii      A human relations firm offers tips to businesses on how to handle COVID-19 as the state sees community spread.

Idaho      August was the deadliest month, nearly doubling from the month prior.

Illinois       The state reports most new COVID related deaths since June.

Indiana     Notre Dame University is increasing testing after suspending in-person classes.

Iowa.      Ames, Iowa, was labeled the worst hot spot in the country and is planning to host a football game on September 12 with 25,000 fans.

Kansas.     COVID-19 spreading among fraternities, sororities in the state.

Kentucky.     Hundreds of new cases at the University of Kentucky has school officials debating about what to do.

Louisiana.     The governor is concerned about rising cases related to hurricane Laura.

Maine.      A local pastor held a wedding on Aug 7, and over 100 infections and one death are related.

Maryland.      The governor announced the state would advance to stage 3 reopening on Friday.

Massachusetts      A Boston University nationwide study shows depression is three times higher than it was one year ago.

Michigan.     Colleges see increasing the spread of the COVID virus.

Minnesota     The State Health Commissioner said Minnesota overlooked the risk of viral transmission in family and friend gatherings compared with supermarkets and stores where mask-wearing and social distancing have become the norm.

Mississippi       Health officials confirm the state’s youngest death from COVID after battling it for several months.

Missouri     A high number of transmissions in the state is the reason the White House Task Force recommended a mask mandate two weeks ago.

Montana      Two college campuses are only testing symptomatic students, and some experts fear it will allow for greater spread among students.

Nebraska     If a child gets COVID at school and dies – is the school liable?

Nevada     New hospitalizations due to COVID are declining in the state.

New Hampshire     A new dashboard tracks cases in schools.

New Jersey     Neighbors who dined together in a private home allegedly caused a local community outbreak.

New Mexico     New cases reported among staff at various schools in the state despite students not yet returning to classes.

New York     Nurses are calling on the state to pass minimum staff requirements anticipating a second surge of cases.

North Carolina     The State Senate passes a 1.1 Billion relief bill, which includes money for families with children.

North Dakota     Leaders in the state do not agree with the CDC’s recent guidelines to decrease testing among the asymptomatic.

Ohio      The governor said a surge in cases is related to students returning to schools and colleges.

Oklahoma     Over 150 school districts are reporting COVID cases.

Oregon     The governor extends the state emergency through November 1st.

Pennsylvania     The governor extends emergency for an additional 90 days.

Puerto Rico     Tourists, needed to boost the economy, are cited for not following masking guidelines.

Rhode Island     The number of new cases continues to decline.

Samoa     The island looks to change the 14-day quarantine to 21 days.

South Carolina     The University of South Carolina reports over 1,000 active COVID infections.

South Dakota     So far, twelve states have reported over 260 cases, and one death traced back to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Tennessee      School-age children testing positive for COVID is increasing over the last two weeks.

Texas     Texas State reports students who live in the residence halls immediately asked to move out or go home when they test positive.

US Virgin Islands     The territory struggles to reopen and consistently enforce protocols as travelers come to the island.

Utah     Parents want more education options amid the pandemic.

Vermont     A party at a ski lodge traced to an outbreak.

Virginia     Cases increase at state colleges and universities.

Washington     State health officials say the timeline for the COVID-19 vaccine can not be political.

West Virginia     Eight deaths reported on Tuesday as hospitalizations tick up.

Wisconsin     Two rural counties have become hot spots in the state over the past week.

Wyoming     Around 50 college students quarantined after an off-campus party.

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The Health Director for the state of Arizona tells hospitals to fully activate their emergency plans in response to surge in COVID cases.


Banner Health is Arizona’s most extensive hospital system.  They are also Arizona’s largest private employer.  In response to the COVID crisis, the company already furloughed approximately 3,oo0 employees, decreased executive’s salaries by 20 percent and created a one-time bonus pay for employees who provided direct care of COVID-19 patients during March, April, and May.

A statement released by the company yesterday informed the public they had reached capacity for ECMO treatments and was nearing capacity for their ICU beds.

Our ICUs are very busy caring for the sickest of the sick who are battling COVID-19. Since May 15, ventilated COVID-19 patients have quadrupled. Banner Health also recently reached capacity for patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) treatment. (2/3)

— Banner Health (@BannerHealth) June 8, 2020

The rate of new infections in Arizona has been climbing.  On Thursday, Governor Doug Ducey explained the number of new infections was related to increased testing.  He added the state was not in a crisis, as “field hospitals are available if regular hospitals run out of space.”  However, Cara Christ, the state’s health official, advised hospitals yesterday to fully activate their emergency services.  Arizona dissolved the stay at home order and, Governor Doug Ducey guided reopening on May 1 for businesses to open on May 4.  The Governor allowed sporting activities to resume on May 15 and racing on May 23 at 25% capacity.  Doctors in Arizona are not surprised about the spike of new cases in the state.

Arizona is home to many retirees, and approximately 17% of the residents are age 65 or older.  The number of COVD related deaths recently passed 1,000.  Arizona is a hot, dry state prompting the department of health to tweet about heat-related health concerns three times in June.  The hypothesis of decreased infections during warm weather suggested by some health care professionals, including CDC Director Robert Redfield, has been proven wrong. Many specialists believed warm weather was not going to decrease the rate of infections.  One of the specialists is epidemiologist Dr. George Rutherford, who warned in April to not hope for a warm-weather slump.  I also urged my family and friends in mid-May to not to let their guard down due to improving weather conditions.  Unfortunately, pandemic fatigue has set in on most Americans and my post was not well received.

If you are among higher-risk individuals who’s personal plans have eased because you believe warm weather is a deterrent to the spread of COVID-19, I recommend you reconsider your beliefs. Even if you are a person who is not at an increased risk of death due to COVID infection, the long term effects of a COVID illness are still unknown.  Be wise and follow guidelines to prevent disease.  Be proactive and protect your health. Be prepared for future medical visits and become a member on

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Updated Local Reports of the COVID-19 impact from around the country 5/3/2020

Reports from around the country

Alabama Lawsuit with voting rules during the pandemic.

Alaska Governor gives an update on 5/1/2020, including the CARES Act funding plan submitted to the state legislature.

Arizona Governor tweets business guidance for reopening on May 4.

Arkansas Inside dining of restaurants begins May 11 with restrictions.

California Most new cases and deaths documented in Southern California where protestors demand lifting restrictions.

Colorado Governor states testing supplies ordered from South Korea not disclosed to the federal government over concerns of seizure.

Connecticut. Connecticut has more COVID documented deaths than the country of Switzerland.

Delaware 26-year-old becomes the youngest COVID related death in the state.

Florida South Florida hospital uses stem cells to improve the health of three seriously ill COVID patients.

Georgia Nearly 20% of the documented COVID infected have required hospitalization.

Hawaii Travelers to the islands will see changes, including no buffet-style luaus.

Idaho Nursing homes hit hard, staff without N-95 masks to protect one another.

Illinois confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise.

Indiana Nearly 900 cases of COVID found in a meat plant.

Iowa Current and former Governors disagree on states’ COVID response.

Kansas Second largest increase in cases.

Kentucky Nursing homes around the state had infection control problems before COVID-19.

Louisianna Two guards die of COVID-19 at immigration detention centers.

Maine When compared to rates in other states, Maine has lower infections and lower deaths.

Massachusetts 81 workers test positive at one store, shutting it down.

Maryland State asks the National Guard to protect testing kits so the federal government does not seize them.

Michigan Governor extends state of emergency through May 28 despite armed protestors demanding to reopen the state.

Minnesota Increased testing, increasing infections, and local hot spots.

Mississippi Governor announced Friday he is going to hold off on reopening the state.

Missouri State workers ask the Governor to do more to protect employees from the coronavirus.

Montana Governor wants 60,000 tests per month.

Nebraska Dakota county has one of the highest rates of confirmed infections per capita in the country.

Nevada State to extend unemployment benefits for additional 3 months.

New Hampshire State outlines reopening of businesses and defines capacity and other guidelines.

New Jersey The state has 1,623 COVID patients in critical or intensive care units. State joins six others to form purchasing consortium to buy PPE, coronavirus tests, ventilators and other medical equipment made locally and help prevent price gouging.

New Mexico Gallup hospitals overwhelmed and city on lockdown.

New York Court dismisses New York nurses case against Montefiore for COVID-19 protection

North Carolina General Assembly passed two COVID-19 response packages, approving over $1.5 billion of funding relief.

North Dakota Wind turbine plant closes temporarily in Grand Forks.

Ohio Governor changes requirement for everyone to wear face masks, extends emergency order to May 29.

Oklahoma Mayor of one city removes requirement of business requirement of employees to wear masks because of threats.

Oregon For the second time since March 29th, there were no deaths reported on Sunday.

Pennsylvania Doctor performs over 1600 free tests for residents who could not get them.

Puerto Rico Governor urges residents who are displaced from a recent earthquake to wear masks when the present to shelters.

Rhode Island 17 deaths on Saturday and over 300 new cases as the emergency order is set to end on May 8.

Samoa Governor extends state of emergency until June 1.

South Carolina Confirmed cases continue to climb, beaches and parks reopen.

South Dakota. No new COVID related deaths two days in a row.

Tennessee Governor’s Health Commissioner states that the probable or suspected deaths of COVID-19 are not being released to the public, only confirmed cases.

Texas and also this link COVID-19 problems in the prison system.

US Virgin Islands Premeir states wearing of masks will soon become law.

Utah The one day everything changed.

Vermont Department of Labor tells unemployed they must return to suitable work if called back by their employer or they will lose benefits.

Virginia 44 deaths reported on Sunday.

Washington Governor warns of increased infections as majority of King county residents are susceptible to the virus.

West Virginia Protests over federal government transferring prisoners from Washington DC into the state.

Wisconsin State tops its record of confirmed cases in 24 hours on May 1.

Wyoming COVID-19 virus, unemployment and Wyoming’s gender pay gap, which consistently ranks as one of the worst in the country, highlights unique struggles for women in the state.

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