Medical App

Welcome to My Medic Info

Create your own medical app and electronic health record to enter your information such as allergies, medications and who you would want contacted in an emergency.

Improve communication with your medical professionals

Vital importance when taking multiple medications and seeing more than one health care professional.

Over 50% of adults can not recall the names nor the strengths of the medication they take.

Track and record the medication you take.

Have you ever been to an urgent care or emergency room?

Having your medical information available for first responders or hospital staff will be much more efficient when you are in pain or unable to quickly respond to their questions.

The importance of having your app will soon become apparent!

We have apps on our phone to make our lives better. Create your MyMedicInfo app today!

Your medical history on your hand held device.

One of the fundamental basics to provide excellent health care is knowing the history and the facts.

You place an enormous amount of trust in the health care providers who diagnose, advise and treat you. They are under more pressure to take care of several patients which can shorten the time you have with them. Make sure they have accurate information readily available to them to make informed and better decisions on your behalf.
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