COVID Treatments organized for your reference.

Access to links for nonmembers on treatments for COVID-19 are available for $50.

Platinum Members are able to access the links for $4.00 – (a savings of $10.00).

Accessing the links can save you time researching them on your own and you may learn of different treatment options.

The page of links contains seventeen treatments currently being investigated for COVID-19 and are updated weekly.

The last update was on 5/23/2020.

All treatments for COVID-19  in use in the United States are not FDA approved.

You will still need to register as a subscriber and agree to the terms and conditions of service in order to complete the purchase.

As a subscriber, you do not need to purchase a membership.

After your purchase, you will be forwarded to the page with access to the links.

You will need to enter the password.

The password will be found in your confirmation email after you make the purchase.


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Purchase Access to Links on COVID treatments.

Purchase Access to Links on COVID treatments.

There are links to seventeen different treatment options for COVID-19.

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