A Word About Online Privacy

Due to the threat of online hackers, we have taken extra precautions to improve the security of the site.

In addition to encryption, our website requires the use of the trusona app for logging in.  Using trusona to verify your identity, provides an additional layer of security to protect your information.

Mymedicinfo.com was created to improve your health care and allow health care communications to be more efficient, especially during emergency and urgent situations.  We recommend that you consider using the website if the benefits of using it outweigh the risks of someone hacking your information.  Do NOT include highly sensitive information.  For example, if you have a history of herpes simplex and do not want anyone to know this information, do not put it on the site.  On the other hand, if you have hypertension and it does not matter to you if someone else learned of the condition – include that information.  Likewise, most medications that patients take are unlikely to be sensitive information.  If you take HIV medication, for example,  you may choose to omit that information on the site.  You control what information you want to include, you do not have to put your entire medical history.   Refrain from inputting your social security number, insurance policy numbers, and Medicare or Medicaid information.  This type of information is unnecessary. We do not ask for your social security number nor insurance policy numbers.  While this information is often asked by health care providers, we recommend you do not include it on the app.  You can have all the benefits of the app without providing highly confidential or sensitive information.

Updated 3/30/2020 at 7:40 am EST




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