Updated Local Reports of the COVID-19 impact from around the country 5/23/2020

Reports from around the country

Alabama Montgomery ICU’s in the city hospitals are at capacity.

Alaska Baseball league cancels the upcoming summer season.

Arizona Speedway resumes races this weekend at 25% capacity.

Arkansas Governor says cases are up and several infected after a swim party.

California Suicides are higher during the COVID pandemic.

Colorado Boulder county residents are coping for over two months with COVID-19.

Connecticut Hospitalizations from COVID are down.

Delaware Confirmed cases approach 8,700.

Florida Southeast Golden coast will see more cases in the next four weeks.

Georgia Local doctor gives a grim outlook as cases climb.

Hawaii Macy’s is reopening eleven of its stores for in-person shopping.

Idaho Sees a spike in cases, the highest in seven weeks.

Illinois Justice Department backs challenge to Governor’s stay at home order.

Indiana Deaths top 1,800.

Iowa County Sheriff claims testing program a sham.

Kansas Legislature passes law barring lawsuits from COVID-19.

Kentucky Cases are declining.

Louisianna State leaders argue on how to distribute federal money for COVID.

Maine Portland’s largest hospitals saw an uptick in coronavirus hospitalizations over the past week.

Massachusetts Long-term care facilities are facing a Monday deadline to test at least 90% of their residents and staff for the coronavirus to qualify for specific state funding.

Maryland Hospitalizations continue to decline.

Michigan Midland residents describe horrific conditions escaping a 500-year flood during the pandemic.

Minnesota State Fair canceled.

Mississippi Church that sued about restrictions burns to the ground, arson investigation underway.

Missouri A second stylist at Great Clips has COVID-19 and exposed customers.

Montana Judge suspends a state law stating absentee ballots must be received by 8 pm day of the election to count.

Nebraska Governor allows bars to reopen June 1 at 50% capacity, tables only, no sitting at the bar.

Nevada Gaming set to reopen on June 4.

New Hampshire Roman Catholics can begin receiving Holy Communion again in parishes that follow specific safety guidelines.

New Jersey Professor at Rutgers claims scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology created new hybrid microorganisms.

New Mexico Official states mass gatherings of 100 or more not probable for the remainder of the year.

New York Eight regions on track to reopen on May 26.

North Carolina Highest one day spike in new cases at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend.

North Dakota Governor gives emotional comments on the political divide regarding facemask use.

Ohio State Fair canceled.

Oklahoma 16% of COVID infected in the state are health care workers, majority of them women.

Oregon Rural judge told by State Supreme Court told to explain or vacate by Tuesday order ending Governor’s orders.

Pennsylvania No singing in church as one of the restrictions for church attendees.

Puerto Rico Governor reopens malls and churches on May 26.

Rhode Island East Providence is going forward with its Memorial Day parade this year, but it will only have vehicles.

Samoa Language Week Theme highlighted as area begins recovery.

South Carolina joins Alabama and North Dakota to debut Apple and Google’s contact tracing.

South Dakota Governor statues wearing surgical masks.

Tennessee Governor offers National Guard assistance to businesses for testing.

Texas Dallas and Houston expect to see more cases in the next four weeks.

US Virgin Islands Governor eases restrictions to 50% capacity or 50 customers – whichever is less – for bars and restaurants starting on May 26.

Utah Drivers who cross into Utah to receive cell phone messages requiring a mandatory response declaring COVID status.

Vermont The Champlain Valley Fair, the state’s largest annual event, has been canceled for the first time in its nearly 100-year history.

Virginia New Artificial Intelligence-powered online tool implemented for self-screening of symptoms.

Washington Governor requests federal aid for National Guard through July 31, 2020.

West Virginia New reporting system as more cases confirmed.

Wisconsin Federal lawsuit filed against Dane county’s stay at home order.

Wyoming Freemont and Teton counties with around 500 positive tests per 100,000 population.

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Updated 5/24/2020 at 7:17 am EST

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