Updated Local Reports as of 4-3-20 impact of COVID 19 in the United States

Reports from around the country

Alabama Auburn University Graduate helped to develop test widely used in Alabama.

Alaska 80% of the residents of Whittier who live in a single high-rise apartment building are viewing the pandemic from a different perspective when compared to other residents of the state.

Arizona Leader of Arizona’s response to COVID-19 quits.

Arkansas. Jonesboro Church to hold services this weekend despite pandemic.

California Native of Santa Rosa, California cheered by his crew as after he was relieved of duty for sounding alarm on COVID-19. More on Captain Brett Crozier.

Colorado Pediatric hospital is accepting donors for antibodies to use as treatment for COVID patients.

Connecticut. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is furloughing 400.

Delaware Troopers in the state are allowed to stop vehciles with out of state license plates.

Florida Approximately one dozen critically ill patients transported from crusise ship to two local hospitals on Thursday 4/2/20.

Georgia Governor states learning the virus can spread before showing symptoms is a “game changer”.

Hawaii Hawaii molecular epidemiologist to study if some racial groups are more prone to COVID-19 infection and complications.

Idaho Health group tries a new approach to screen, test, and treat COVID 19 patients.

Illinois Hospitals preapare for surge in COVID-19 patients.

Indiana 5 cases of COVID found in two prisons.

Iowa Over half of the counties in the state have confirmed cases.

Kansas Governor of Kansas expresses her frustration with the federal response to her emergency requests.

Kentucky Judges order ankle monitoring for COVID patients who defy quarantine order.

Louisianna Over 500 patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19 in Louisanna are on ventilators.

Maine Maine newspaper/editoral board gives their opinion on why it is smart to release some prisoners early.

Massachusetts At least 12 of 18 patients who have died at Massachusetts veterans hospital had COVID-19.

Maryland Maryland calls on the National Guard for assistance.

Michigan Michigan government issues hiring freeze in response to COVID-19.

Minnesota Minnesota hospitals are losing revenue because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mississippi Over 1,000 confirmed cases in the state.

Missouri Missouri man allegedly coughs on customers.

Montana Musician/Artist John Mayer donates money to Montana hosptial so it can purchase ventilators.

Nebraska. Reports 6th death from COVID-19 in the state.

Nevada Large quantities of Personal Protective Equipment on the way to Nevada.

New Hampshire Opinion/Editoral recommending less federal spending on nuclear weapons, more federal spending for COVID-19 pandemic.

New Jersey One quarter of nursing homes in New Jersey have COVID-19 infections.

New Mexico More than 70 businesses violate governor’s order.

New York. Experimental antiviral treatment site begins in New York.

North Carolina Health Care Systems expect furloughs as revenue decreases.

North Dakota Governor is frustrated that residents are not taking the pandemeic seriously.

Ohio In one Ohio family, 3 members die from COVID-19.

Oklahoma Oklahoma reports second largest spike of COVID 19 infections on 4/2/2020.

Oregon Personal Protective Equipment shortages straining hospitals and increasing risk/stress for health care professionals.

Pennsylvania 102 year old recovers from and defeats COVID-19.

Rhode Island Insurers provide 5 million in funding to help with the pyschological need during the pandemic.

South Carolina After Donald Trump claimed at a South Carolina rally that the virus was a hoax, an AI company notes a spike of hashtags in social media and campaigns to spread disinformation attempting to discredit politicians, the media, medical experts, and scientists who were trying to protect the public.

South Dakota Hospitals prepare for a surge in two weeks.

Tennessee On Thursday, Governor Lee spoke to Tennesseans. “We need you to understand that home isn’t an option,” he said. “It’s a requirement for the swift defeat of COVID-19.”

Texas Report from Houston on the struggles of one care facility preventing the spread of COVID 19.

Utah The state partners with private company to allow for more testing.

Vermont State orders large store retailers to stop selling nonessential items in their stores.

Virginia Updates of cases around the state.

Washington Governor extends stay at home order through May 4.

West Virginia One company has 4 of its employees test positive for COVID-19.

Wisconsin Dairy farmers are being asked to dump milk until April 6th.

Wyoming Survey of over 400 Wyoming residents demonstrate the impact of the pandemic.

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Updated 4/3/2020 at 1:15 pm EST

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