Reputable Recommendations

Avoiding Exposure:

CDC guidance

World Health Organization

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Mental Health:

Remember most people will recover from the illness.

NBA player Christian Wood

Diamond Cruise passengers and others share their recovery

Three patients who struggled with more severe symptoms share their experiences


A Counselor offers her advice

Board-licensed psychotherapist and National Association of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer offers some tips

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Limit your time watching/reading news.  As the condition in the United States gets worse, important to stay informed, internationally, nationally, and local.  However, try to do this once or twice daily.  Engage in more productive and gratifying activities during the majority of your day.  Look out for one another.


Boost your immunity

Tips from Harvard

General Advice from the United States Department of Agriculture

USDA on COVID -19 and food safety (click on the + to expand the topic)


Advice from Seattle

Exercising at home

Outdoor advice  Remember to avoid touching common surfaces.

Watch out for scammers:

Chicago Sun-Times


Sacramento Business Journal


Health Care Professional

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