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Scary to imagine a situation in which the emergency rooms are full of people waiting to get medical attention, health care providers wearing protective gear to avoid becoming ill themselves and dead bodies covered with sheets in the hallway. It sounds like an apocalyptic science fiction movie you once watched, but no more. Unfortunately, we have that very scenario happening in China. So unbelievable the Chinese government shut down mass transportation in and out of more than 16 major metropolitan areas in an attempt to stop or slow the spread of the virus. Mongolia has closed its border with China and its schools for 1 month in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus even though as of Feb 6, 2020 – it had no documented cases of the illness.
No cases in Mongolia

If the experts in China have closed cities and other countries are taking steps to prevent the spread of a new, potentially lethal virus – it is wise to continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds and begins to be proactive in your attempts to stay healthy. Now is the time to be prepare before the virus spreads in the Western Hemisphere.

As things develop, it appears that this virus is going to be more difficult to contain than previous virus outbreaks. Look at the following cases from February 18th, 22nd and March 1st:
Feb 18, 2020

COVID 19 as of March 1st.
A summary of other headlines related to the COVID19 outbreak can be found here:

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In the event you do end up in an emergency room, being able to quickly and effectively communicate your medical history will be an asset for yourself as well as the hospital staff. Being prepared ahead of such a scenario can get you prompt and better care.   There is no cost for the basic membership.

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