Local Reports of COVID-19 around the country 6/14/2020

While some states push to reopen despite increasing numbers, two states, Oregon and Utah, as well as two cities, Nashville and Tuscon, opt to protect the public and pause their reopening.

Alabama     Since Memorial Day weekend the numbers continue to climb, and health care experts warn the public.

Alaska    This week marked the highest number of active cases since the pandemic began.

Arizona     Governor is not taking steps to slow the spread of COVID despite increased cases and hospitals near ICU capacity.

Arkansas    The northwest part of the state sees increased cases and deaths.

California    Los Angeles County, which remains California’s leading virus hot spot, recorded 1,848 new cases Thursday, which was also a single-day high, and 1,575 cases Friday..

Colorado      New cases in Colorado are linked to private house parties in Boulder county.

Connecticut      Eighty percent of COVID deaths last week were in nursing home residents.

Delaware    New cases continue to go down.

Florida   The person who was in charge of tallying the total cases in the state was fired has started her own website.  Florida’s new cases continue to climb and break daily records.

Georgia    Gwinnett County has more COVID cases than any other county in Georgia.  While cases are higher, they tend to be in younger people, as such, hospitalizations and deaths have not increased in the county.

Hawaii    Decreased tourists visiting the state due to COVID pandemic has led to high unemployment rates rivaling the great depression.

Idaho    Officials warn those who attended bars on June 5 + June 6 in downtown Boise may have been exposed to COVID.

Illinois    Cook county has the highest number of  COVID infections than any other county in the nation.

Indiana     Indianapolis will move to phase 4 of reopen on June 19th, one week after the rest of the state.

Iowa.    Iowa State University and the athletic department tied to a recent sharp rise in the Story county’s confirmed cases.

Kansas.    The state announced plans to test 60,000 each month through December.

Kentucky.    The state approaches 500 COVID deaths.

Louisiana.   Over 400 new cases for the last three days reported.

Maine.     The state is seeing a decline in new infections, 36 new infections reported on Saturday.

Maryland.     The city of Baltimore does not move to phase 2 on Friday as planned.

Massachusetts.    COVID infections are down as are admissions for strokes and heart attacks.

Michigan.      The state sees a smaller increase in new COVID infections than in neighboring midwest states.

Minnesota.    As new cases and hospitalizations plateau, officials warn the public to not let their guard down.

Mississippi.     Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians is the hardest hit ethnicity in the state.

Missouri.   A higher number of infections as restrictions ease.

Montana      Of the six new cases reported in Gallatin county on Friday, five are under the age of 19.

Nebraska.    New infections are down, but the state saw a spike in deaths on Friday.

Nevada.     The state sees an uptick in new infections over the past three days.

New Hampshire.    The state reported 7 more COVID deaths on Friday, all were women age 60 or older.

New Jersey.     Churches may reopen today at 25% capacity or a maximum of 50 parishioners, whichever is less.

New Mexico.      492 health care workers test positive for COVID in the month of May.  In April, 154 health care workers tested positive.

New York.     Governor reports on Saturday the state has one of the lowest new infection rates in the country.

North Carolina.     Hospitalizations due to COVID reach a record high up from the record high on Memorial Day.

North Dakota.      No COVID deaths in the state three days in a row.

Ohio.    A state lawmaker who is also an emergency room physician has been fired after racist comments related to COVID infections.

Oklahoma     The state reports a record high for new infections in one day.

Oregon.     The state places a pause on reopening as new COVID cases rise.

Pennsylvania.    Cases of new infections continue to decline in the state, more counties advance reopening.

Puerto Rico.     The island sees a record 7 day average of new infections in the past week.

Rhode Island     Of the 500 who volunteered to be tested for antibodies, 2.2% are positive.

Samoa    How the island moves forward to welcome back tourists being discussed.

South Carolina      Lawmakers differ on how to respond to increased infections in the state.

South Dakota     Another death reported Saturday of a woman between the age of 50 to 59 adds to the state total of 75 COVID deaths.

Tennessee     The state sees its highest case counts since June 1.

Texas    The state hit highs this week for hospitalizations and new COVID-19 cases, prompting Houston’s top county official, Lina Hidalgo, to warn that “we may be approaching the precipice of a disaster.”

US Virgin Islands    The Governor welcomes back tourists and claims they will shut down if they see a spike in cases.

Utah     The state pauses reopening as the state places the priority of public health over advancing to the next phase.

Vermont     Despite favorable numbers, the Governor plans to extend the emergency order for an additional month on Monday.

Virginia.   Health officials are investigating 413 outbreaks of COVID-19 in the Commonwealth.

Washington.    The state is seeing an increase of new infections most likely related to Memorial Day activities, according to health officials.

West Virginia.    5 outbreaks reported among church attendees.

Wisconsin    Local representative states high rates of COVID in immigrant workers are part of their culture.

Wyoming     Twenty one new infections reported on Saturday.

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