Denial Is Powerful.

Weeks ago I posted about the scary conditions in China with the COVID virus. I got accused of fear-mongering when I mentioned it could happen in the United States. I had someone curse at my post. I had another person laugh at it. I guess everyone is going to have their own opinion.
People will be contrary. On the other hand, others simply do not want to acknowledge the facts. Denial is powerful. Denial can help some people continue to function when the reality is too painful to accept.

In the media, we are being told facts over fear. Obviously many people are fearful about the virus. We have seen people buying excessive amounts of groceries. We have been told that you may need to quarantine for 14 days. In many people’s thoughts, they equate a 14-day quarantine with weeks of supplies and food. I ask you, have you ever seen that occur nationwide before?

With all the headlines that have transpired since the last time I posted, my head is spinning. I admit I got overwhelmed. I try to anticipate what the best course of action is to protect my loved ones and myself. I have wondered about what to do about work. I have debated if I should even risk going to work as health care providers are at a greater risk. For some employees, they were not given an option. Some businesses already closed down. Apple employees will not have to work and the company has enough money to pay all its employees during the two weeks shut down. They are doing this in all countries including China which had its stores closed earlier and have since reopened. I think Apple sees the Chinese people changing their routines and using protective measures which have reduced the spread of the virus. In the United States, we are just now confirming cases and are starting to see the first confirmed deaths from COVID 19. I pray that the shut down of schools, businesses, and social distancing makes a dramatic impact decreasing the number of people who become infected and thus prevent deaths. At the minimum, the logic behind #flattening the curve makes sense. We do not want our hospitals overwhelmed with patients. Be wise and follow the national recommendations to limit our exposure. While it is a great sacrifice for us a nation, the consequences of not following the recommended guidelines are horrific.

Our generation has not seen anything like this before. At first, we were told that this virus primarily is more lethal on our elders and among those with pre-existing conditions. Scientists are trying to understand how some places have a higher death rate than other places. However, France is seeing more than 50% of those who are in the ICU’s for COVID 19 are under the age of 60. Yesterday, I heard that there is a 45-year-old in New Orleans in the ICU and two emergency room doctors are now patients in critical condition.

Again, the purpose of these posts is to not cause fear or panic. The purpose of these posts is to promote your health. Prevention is the best medicine, especially NOW. If you are in denial, recognize it. Better to be as safe than sorry.

Updated 3/25/2020 at 12:30 pm  EST


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