COVID Updates Around the USA

Alabama     The state passes 30,000 cases.

Alaska     Efforts are underway to Recall Republican Governor Dunleavy.

Arizona     Church, which hosted Trump, states their air purification claims went too far.

Arkansas.    Deaths from COVID are accelerating in the state.

California.    A new record-high number of new infections in one day.

Colorado.    State Governor urges citizens to avoid large gatherings during the 4th of July holiday.

Connecticut.    Some DMV’s in the state begin to reopen partially.

Delaware.     Teenagers who attended senior week activities are among the uptick in new infections in the state.

Florida     Doctor urges young people not to assume the COVID-19 virus is benign.

Georgia     Hospitalizations in the state are on the rise.

Hawaii.    Five additional hospitalizations due to COVID on Tuesday.

Idaho.    The state hits a record high number of new infections for one day.

Illinois.    The Governor credits masks for progress the state is making with COVID-19.

Indiana     Younger people see a higher percentage increase in new infections.

Iowa.     It has been three months since Iowa documented the first COVID death.

Kansas.     The state sees the highest number of new infections for one day for the prior six weeks.

Kentucky.     Younger people see a higher percentage increase in new infections.

Louisiana.      The state will remain in phase two and not advance to phase three as planned.

Maine.      Residents of one town in Maine monitoring for symptoms as a group of recent visitors are positive with COVID-19.

Maryland.     The oldest black-owned and operated nursing home in the state has no COVID-19 cases.

Massachusetts.    The state currently has one of the lowest COVID-19 transmission rates in the country, even despite protestors, of which over one thousand included among those tested.

Michigan.     Gyms in the state are to remain closed for now as courts side with the Governor.

Minnesota.    Amazon sees COVID-19 cases at four of its facilities in the state.

Mississippi.     The state records a record-high number of new infections for a single day.

Missouri.     Rural parts of the state are attempting a “boxed in” strategy to combat COVID-19.

Montana      Hundreds of people wait more than an hour for COVID-19 tests.

Nebraska.    The state has one of the lowest fatality rates in the country.

Nevada      The Governor requires face masks to be worn in public to prevent the spread.

New Hampshire.    Current hospitalizations for COVID hits a new low in the state.

New Jersey.    President Trump is not changing his plans to visit the state and will not follow the new fourteen-day quarantine issued by Governor Phil Murphy.

New Mexico.     The Public Education Department issued the state’s plan to reopen schools.

New York.     Here are eight states for which travelers into New York will now have to quarantine for fourteen days.

North Carolina.    The Governor issues a mask order and keeps the state in phase two of reopening in efforts to slow the spread of new infections.

North Dakota.     Could an app designed for football fans become a digital tracking tool for COVID-19?

Ohio.    At least seventeen students test positive after a trip to Myrtle Beach.

Oklahoma.    The state records another single-day record-high number of new cases.

Oregon     A Portland River Cruise company halts operations until Saturday as seven of its employees test positive for COVID-19.

Pennsylvania.     Governor announces an anticipated surge of cases in the fall.

Puerto Rico.    The island is preparing for an official return of tourists on July 15.

Rhode Island.    The Governor is considering similar restrictions that neighboring officials imposed for travelers into the state.

Samoa.    A report of cases among a United States military base in Guam has the Pacific island and others in the region concerned.

South Carolina.    The state sets a new record for one-day infections.

South Dakota.    New infections in the state doubled in recent days.

Tennessee.   A state of emergency was declared in Wilson County on Wednesday because of a recent increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

Texas.    The Governor states a large outbreak of new cases after reopening.

 US Virgin Islands.    Participants from the island listen to officials in Taiwan during a video conference on how they handled the COVID outbreak in their country.

Utah.   Faith Leaders from the state encourage Utahns to wear masks.

Vermont.    The state schools plan on how they will respond to asymptomatic spread among students.

Virginia.    A popular nightclub in the state set to reopen with changes and a new ‘COVID-19’ fee.

Washington.    The state will require face mask use starting Friday, joining Seattle and King County, which already requires it.

West Virginia.    The state’s chief health officer resigns after Governor Justice complained about the accuracy of COVID statistics.

Wisconsin.   The Governor introduces a new data dashboard for residents.

Wyoming      Confirmed COVID infections pass 1,000 cases.

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Updated 6/25/2020 at 7:30 am EST

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