COVID around the country 9/18/2020

Alabama     Hospitalizations drop to the lowest levels since June.

Alaska     Anchorage woman in her 40’s is among the youngest Alaskan to die from COVID.

Arizona      Intensive care unit bed capacity in Arizona hospitals has dropped to 78%.

Arkansas     Overall death toll passes 1,000 in the state.

California       The state’s government passed a law requiring companies to help protect workers from COVID.

Colorado     College attendees are significantly increasing the number of new infections in the state.

Connecticut     The percent positive rate and hospitalizations in the state increase again to levels last seen in July.

Delaware     The average of positive cases is up to levels last seen in July.

Florida     The state surpasses 13,000 COVID deaths, and a new surge may be coming in the state’s southwest.

Georgia     Michael Stipe, a singer of REM and originally from Athens, recommends guidelines for the governor and the state.

Hawaii     Office clerk at school who contracted COVID dies five days later.  Her sister believes she contracted the virus at her job.

Idaho     Pastor skeptical of masks is in the ICU.

Illinois     The seven-day average positive rate is 3.6%, total deaths in the state recorded 8,392 deaths to date.

Indiana     New infections among college students and high schoolers are up, other age groups are down, and hospitalizations are steady.

Iowa     Federal report states the state has one of the highest infection rates in the country.

Kansas     The positive monthly rate is 7.7%.

Kentucky     The state’s Supreme Court to hear arguments against the governor’s COVID orders.

Louisiana     The state’s positivity rate is 5.5%, and hospitalizations are trending down.

Maine     An August wedding is linked to seven deaths, none of which attended.

Maryland      The state begins a program to attempt to reduce infections among the Hispanic population.

Massachusetts     Parents knowingly sent their infected son to first day of school.

Michigan     Michigan State University outbreak leads to quarantine of many large houses in Lansing.

Minnesota     Hospitalizations are down, while the highest rate of new infections remains with 20-29 year olds.

Mississippi      Restrictions on mail-in voting cause concern among those with a greater risk of severe infection.

Missouri     Hospitalizations are increasing in the state.

Montana      The state began posting a weekly tally of positive COVID-19 cases in private and public schools and universities.

Nebraska     New infections are increasing in the state.

Nevada     The state passes 1,500 deaths, the majority in one county.

New Hampshire     Schools get none of the promised federal FEMA money despite increased expenses due to the pandemic.

New Jersey     One middle school goes to all-remote classes after a teacher tests positive.

New Mexico     The Governor allows more activities due to progress on limiting the spread of new infections.

New York     For over one month, the positive rate remains below 1%

North Carolina     Thousands incorrectly informed they tested positive for COVID.

North Dakota     New infections and deaths from COVID are up in the state.

Ohio     Five counties have red status, four in western Ohio.

Oklahoma     Of those who died from COVID in the state, more than half had a pre-existing heart or vascular condition.

Oregon     Workplace outbreaks were noted at over 60 businesses in the state.

Pennsylvania     The Governor states he will fight judges ruling against pandemic restrictions.

Puerto Rico     The island reports its highest one day COVID death rate since the pandemic began.

Rhode Island     Some of the state’s top restaurants are permanently closing.

Samoa     The United States is sending PPE supplies to the islands.

South Carolina     The state approaches 3,000 deaths while the positive rate remains above 11%.

South Dakota     Hospitalizations at another record high.

Tennessee     How the state taxpayer helped pay for a COVID influenced NASCAR race.

Texas     The Governor allows for restrictions on most businesses to ease, bars to remain closed.

US Virgin Islands     The islands are set to open to tourists on September 19th.  Tourists will need a negative test or quarantine for 14 days.

Utah     The state sets a record for new daily infections.

Vermont     Dr. Fauci says Vermont is a model state for its response to COVID.

Virginia     The southwest area of the state has the highest positivity rate.

Washington     Weddings and funerals in the state may have up to 30 participants, but they need to wear face coverings.

West Virginia     A restaurant in the city of Hurricane is taking the Governor and COVID restrictions to court.

Wisconsin    The state sets a new infection record and some cities are seeing a high percentage of cases.

Wyoming     The state sees a single-day record of new cases this week.

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