COVID Around the United States – December 1st 2021

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While the Omicron variant has been detected in California, the increase risk of hospitalization with the variant is unknown. Currently, the delta variant continues to spread with the majority of hospitalizations and deaths among those who have not been vaccinated.

Alabama    Less than 50% of the population is vaccinated, positivity rate is steady at 5%.

Alaska     Cases and hospitalizations are declining.

Arizona      Hospitalizations and cases are higher than they were one year ago.

Arkansas      After the Thanksgiving holiday, cases and hospitalizations are up.

California      Los Angeles now requires and begins to enforce that patrons of indoor venues be vaccinated.

Colorado      Staffing shortages and COVID surges force hospitals to adopt new crisis plans.

Connecticut      Positivity rate reaches 6%, the highest in ten months.

Delaware     Slight uptick in the number of cases and hospitalizations.

Florida      Thanksgiving week decreased COVID infections.

Georgia    Judge blocks vaccine mandate for health care employees.

Hawaii      The state reached over 1,000 COVID related deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Idaho      The positivity rate declines to 6.8%.

Illinois     COVID hospitalizations are increasing.

Indiana    Health care officials encourage more people get vaccinated as hospitalizations surge.

Iowa    Hospitalizations continue to climb.

Kansas     Students test scores declining during COVID pandemic.

Kentucky      Positivity rates climbs above 8%.

Louisiana      State health department announces extension of $100 incentive to vaccinate.

Maine     The number of COVID hospitalizations is surging.

Maryland     Vaccine manufacturer begins to create vaccine for Omicron variant.

Massachusetts     COVID cases rise as does the number of booster vaccinations.

Michigan     The state records a new all time high COVID hospitalizations for adults.

Minnesota     Positivity rates declining, but remain above 10%.

Mississippi      Lower rates of vaccination in the state a concern with new variant.

Missouri     Positivity rates climb above 11%.

Montana     Cases increase after Thanksgiving weekend.

Nebraska    COVID hospitalizations are increasing.

Nevada      Over 8,000 resident deaths from COVID pandemic.

New Hampshire     The state offered free at home COVID tests, they ran out of them in a day.

New Jersey     The state prepares for Omicron variant.

New Mexico     Navy medical teams head to state to help hospitals treat COVID cases.

New York      Two upstate counties declare COVID emergencies due to increasing hospitalizations.

North Carolina      Hospitalizations are up.

North Dakota    Active cases at lowest levels in three months.

Ohio     Hospitalizations climb to the highest level since January.

Oklahoma      The governor requested exemptions for the national guard and was denied.

Oregon    Residents wanting boosters may find delays.

Pennsylvania    Mask mandate in schools to remain in place until Supreme Court can hear the case.

Puerto Rico     Reasons why the island leads the nation in vaccination rates.

Rhode Island     The state launches an app to show vaccination status.

Samoa     Fifth COVID case detected since September.

South Carolina    Hospitalizations up.

South Dakota    Hospitalizations climb to the highest level since January.

Tennessee      The fully vaccinated reaches 50%.

Texas    Anti-Vaccine Evangelical leader dies from COVID.

US Virgin Islands      Cases and hospitalizations are down.

Utah      A young adult dies from COVID.

Vermont    The highest number of hospitalizations since the pandemic began.

Virginia     Positivity rate climbs to 6.6%.

Washington    The state created a digital record to confirm vaccination status to show a business when it is required.

West Virginia    The daily positive test rate is above 9%.

Wisconsin     The state hits highest case count of 2021 and exceeds 9,000 COVID deaths.

Wyoming      Wyoming adds 81 deaths and approaches 1,428 total deaths.

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Vaccinations / Prevention

Vaccinations may now be included in your personal record. With the COVID vaccines, keeping track of your vaccinations is timely and important. It may be required information for future travel, employment, or other concerns. Your health care providers may want to know which COVID vaccines you got and which manufacturer created your vaccine. It will be valuable information to recall in the future if additional COVID vaccines are recommended. There is already talk of booster vaccinations for COVID variants. Plus, the length of immunity protection of COVID vaccinations has yet to be determined.

In addition to COVID vaccines, you may keep track of other preventive vaccinations and review them with your health care providers. All adults are recommended to get yearly flu vaccinations as well as updated tetanus vaccines. You may now also document your childhood vaccines.

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Published 2/28/21

Hospitalizations Around the USA –

Alabama     The statewide hospital in-patient rate stands at record highs.

Alaska     ICU capacity in Alaska was in the red zone, or more than 75% full.

Arizona     The state sees its largest six-day increase of COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.

Arkansas    Hospitalizations in Arkansas were hovering near the record set earlier this month.

California     As of Friday, hospitalizations have grown so fast that the record broke for seven consecutive days.

Colorado    Colorado’s hospital system is being overwhelmed by the virus.

Connecticut     A month of increased hospitalizations led to as many deaths in the past week as it had in all of July, August, and September combined.    

Delaware      The state is approaching a record-high number of hospitalizations last seen in the spring.

Florida     Hospitalizations are up 67% in the past four weeks.

Georgia     The state’s intensive care beds are 85% occupied as of Friday.

Hawaii    1,328 total hospitalizations in the state since the pandemic began.

Idaho    In Boise and Idaho Falls, over 85% of intensive care unit beds were in use last week.

Illinois    5,160 people in Illinois hospitalized with COVID-19. Of those, 21% were in the ICU, and 12% were on ventilators.

Indiana     COVID-19 hospitalizations in Indiana nearly doubled in November. On Nov. 30, Indiana set its highest COVID-19 hospitalization record with 3,460 patients.

Iowa   The number of people treated for COVID-19 in Iowa hospitals is more than twice as high as the summer peak.

Kansas     Number of cases doubles since October 28th.

Kentucky     Local hospitals are nearing capacity.

Louisiana      New surge in cases is impacting hospitals in the state.

Maine      The state hits an all-time high of hospitalizations on Thursday.

Maryland     Hospitalizations quadrupled since early October.

Massachusetts    More than 1,400 patients hospitalized, and nearly 300 admitted to intensive care units in the state.

Michigan    In some state communities, the number of COVID-related deaths doubled in November.

Minnesota      Hospitalizations decline as the positivity rate in the state decreases.

Mississippi     The state hit a record high number of COVID hospitalizations last week.

Missouri     The state rises to the 5th most hospitalizations per 100,000 residents in the country.

Montana     Over 2,800 hospitalized in the state.

Nebraska     New cases and hospitalizations declined in the past week.

Nevada      Saturday, the state reported a record of nearly 3,200 additional daily known COVID-19 cases and a record number of related hospitalizations.

New Hampshire    The state has seen a significant spike in cases, deaths, and hospitalizations over the last six weeks.

New Jersey    Coronavirus cases continue to surge, as Gov. Phil Murphy announced there were over 6,046 new positive cases reported on Sunday, a new record.

New Mexico     Nearly one thousand individuals hospitalized in the state with COVID.

New York     The state’s coronavirus metrics show statewide hospitalizations are rising quickly.

North Carolina    Records set for new cases on Saturday and Sunday,  another new record high.

North Dakota     Fourth in the country for the number of cases per 100,000 residents.

Ohio    Patients are being diverted to other hospitals as they reach capacity.

Oklahoma    Hospitals use tents to treat COVID patients as COVID units overflow.

Oregon     The state set record highs of hospitalizations during the week of Thanksgiving.

Pennsylvania     Hospitalizations are up 57% in the state.

Puerto Rico     40% of residents suffer food insecurity due to the pandemic.

Rhode Island    The state leads the nation in the number of new cases per 100,000 residents.

Samoa   The small Pacific nation reports its first positive test for the coronavirus, although officials say a second test on the same patient came back negative.

South Carolina     The state surges to new case highs. 

South Dakota    Some patients are flown out of state as the ICU capacity hits limits.

Tennessee   The state records nearly 5,000 total resident COVID related deaths as of Saturday.

Texas    In the Houston area, 1 in 4 of COVID patients are in the ICU.

 US Virgin Islands     Governor Albert Bryan implemented a two-week soft shutdown of government operations.

Utah   This week saw the most COVID-19 patients hospitalized, with 90% of all intensive care unit beds in the state are in use.

Vermont    The state continues to see a low number of hospitalizations.

Virginia    Hospitalizations hit new highs in the state.

Washington    The number of hospitalizations statewide more than doubled in November.

West Virginia    The state continues to set records with COVID hospitalizations.

Wisconsin   An average of 200 people admitted with COVID per day in the past five days.

Wyoming      The White House group has put all 23 Wyoming counties in the red zone for virus transmission and warns that vulnerable people should be wary.

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