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People have noticed that I am wearing a watch/fitness tracker on both wrists.  I quickly advise I have been comparing the two.  Week 2 is complete and I lost another 2 pounds. Weight loss is not really my goal, being more fit is. I am on the upper end of normal weight for height. I’ve heard that you should not lose more than 3 pounds per week. If that is true, I am on track. According to this article on the CDC website, 1 or 2 pounds a week is good, especially if you can maintain a healthier weight over time. The trackers are indeed motivating me to be more active.


This week, I changed the clock faces on both the Fitbit Versa and the Apple Watch. I like how you can easily change the appearance of the trackers. With all the various faces, you can be assured that you will not get bored with the look. Both trackers have several options and one does not seem better than the other with this feature.

When it comes to interacting with the trackers themselves, I tend to reach for the Apple Watch more often. It tends to vibrate more than the Fitbit, especially when I get a text message on the phone. Apple Watch reminds me every hour to stand while the Fitbit sometimes reminds me to move 10 minutes before the hour is up. Many of the notifications are controllable, so this feature does not make one better than the other in my opinion. Some of the faces for the Apple Watch can include information including the local weather, UV index, stock markets, heart rate, etc. The Fitbit tells me steps, heart rate, miles walked, flights climbed, exercise minutes, local weather and calories burned.

When I reach for my phone – I open up the Fitbit app a lot. I rarely open the Apple rings app. The Fitbit app has the ability to document food, calories and water intake. I like to see how I am doing with my sleep and I log my weight on the Fitbit app. It will graph the facts, including showing me the percentage of carbohydrates, protein, and fat I’ve consumed for the day. The information is valuable and helps me to achieve my daily goals. I know there are other apps available which can do the same things as the Fitbit. Apple Watch relies on the consumer to decide which apps for sleep and calorie counting to use.

I have been using I-Tunes and the Apple watch exclusively to play music. The ease in which I can use the watch to pause, replay or fast forward the songs is a great feature. I will make an effort to use Pandora with the Fitbit and see how I like music with the Fitbit. With Thanksgiving on Thursday, the temptations on the table next week could set me back….

A Medical App Could Save Your Life!

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Communicating your unique medical needs to medical and health care professionals should be a proactive move on your part. You cannot wait until after an accident or emergency happens to prepare.  MyMedicInfo stores your allergies, medical conditions, injuries and surgeries all in one place, helping you keep them up to date.

What is the MyMedicInfo Medical App?

The MyMedicInfo medical app is kept on your hand held device.  Much like medical alert bracelets, should you be the unfortunate victim of an accident and unable to speak for yourself, MyMedicInfo could speak for you. MyMedicInfo contains whatever information you provide so first responders can give you the treatment you need.

Do not think that it cannot happen to you. If you have just been in an accident, you may not remember all the exact details of your medical history, medications, and allergies. Shock, confusion, and memory loss are very common phenomena resulting from car accidents and injuries. MyMedicInfo does all the talking for you and can store much more pertinent information than you could ever dispense in a just a few critical moments of medical treatment. MyMedicInfo may help save your life or the life of someone that you love.


Getting Organized with MyMedicInfo App


Get organized and stay organized with your medical history.

Keeping your medications organized and taking them properly is one of the most important things you can do to improve or maintain your health.  In order for the medicine to work as intended, following the correct instructions is paramount.  Is the medicine to be taken on an empty stomach?  Is there a certain time of the day to take the medicine?  Will dosing of one medicine interfere with the performance of another if they are taken at the same time?  Discussing with your clinician and your pharmacist on how to properly take your medicine is important for your medication to work as intended.

The more medication you take, the greater the possibility for drug interactions.  Thus, keeping your medications organized and knowing how and when to take them is smart.  When one takes a medication as directed, it is more likely to benefit you.  As we are all aware, taking medicine incorrectly can have unwanted effects on you health.

With all the new prescriptions on the market, it is difficult to keep up.  Pill organizers can help you with taking your medicine at the correct time each day.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure you are taking the medicine as directed. The MyMedicInfo app makes it easy to organize your medications and update any changes as needed.