Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!

How do we define value? How do we determine monetary value? Monetary value is value in a currency that a person, business, or the market places on a resource, product or service.  Most goods and services in our modern economy are priced based on monetary value.  Every day we make decisions regarding important matters. How we prioritize our values also determines what we are willing to spend to accomplish things.  We budget our money and decide which groceries to buy, the type of transportation we use and the services we order.  How we decide to spend our money is based on the amount of money we have and our values.  What we value when we are 20 is not the same as when we are 40, 60 or 80. Our values and priorities change as we age.

Exclamations for a happy new year are often accompanied with wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year. The belief is if you are healthy, you are wealthy. Being healthy allows us the ability and freedom to accomplish goals. When we are sick, we are less productive, the quality of life decreases and we suffer. As a rule, most of us to try to avoid pain and suffering. We can agree that if we are healthy, our productivity will allow us to earn money. Being able to earn money will, in turn, allow us to purchase the products we need to stay healthy. In order to spend less on overall medical care, we need to focus on prevention.  Thus, when we focus on preventing medical problems in the new year, we often make a New Year’s resolution.

So we strive for good health. We make a New Year’s resolutions to live a more healthy life. We want to have good health and in turn, we will be productive and prosperous. We want this all year, not just today. The change into a new year is a way for us to start fresh.

Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker has stated:

“The more clear your vision of health, happiness and prosperity, the faster you move toward it and the faster it moves toward you.”

Take home message: If you value your health, do your part.

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Paul Connor

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